Bodily Fluid Management


Hygie provides a simple and efficient way to manage bodily fluids.


Hygie products take a single-patient approach to managing bodily fluids. Removing contaminants at the source prevents the spread of infections and cross-contamination between patients. The three systems, Bedpan, Urinal, and Vomit, are equipped with a super-absorbent pad, and this system of bodily fluid management has proven effective for many years.


Bedpan System

The Bedpan Hygienic cover® and Hygie Bedpan Support® are the perfect solution to effectively manage and contain body wastes at point of care.


Urinal System

Our urinal system offers solutions that can help the healthcare professional effectively manage and contain urine at the point of care while reducing odours. Our products promote safe and reliable practices in healthcare. Each Hygienic Cover includes a Super-absorbent pad which gelifies up to 600ml of liquid in less than 30 seconds.


Emesis System

Hygienic Covers® for vomit supports are made from recycled material. They help contain contaminants at the source and includes a super-absorbent pad that solidifies vomit in seconds, eliminating spills and splashes.


Triton Light Medical is conducting a controlled trial of Hygie products.

Below is a list of Hygie system products in the Controlled Trial:

  • Bedpan support (BA-BASS-HY21-000) and covers (SA-HYGI-CLBI-000)
  • Urinal support (HY-SUPP-URI3-000) and covers (SA-HYGI-URI0-000)
  • Emesis support (HY-SUPP-VOM0-000) and covers (SA-HYGI-VOM0-000)

The Trial consists of controlled usage of the product(s) over a limited, pre-determined period followed by a short survey (3 - 5 minutes) and potentially a short interview (15 - 30 minutes) to gather additional information. If your facility would like to apply to participate in the trial or if you have questions, please contact the Trial Coordinator at: (804) 543-8137. Or send us an inquiry here.