Lifeline ARM

Easy to deploy and use, the Lifeline ARM delivers chest compressions with complete recoil, at the depth and rate recommended by the AHA/ERC cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guidelines.

The Lifeline ARM has been engineered for the ruggedness and durability demands of professional first responders and healthcare providers alike responding to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergencies.

Its benefits include:

  • A removable compression module
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Maximum patient accessibility
  • An intuitive interface
  • Impressive operating times
  • Lightweight, portable, and durable

Removable Compression Module

  • The module provides high quality CPR (recommended depth and rate) with full chest wall recoil without interruptions according to AHA/ERC Guidelines.
  • Lifeline ARM's proprietary algorithm ensures consistent depth and rate of the compressions, across a wide range of patient chest resistances.
  • A custom-designed, brushless, DC motor drives the compression piston, delivering smooth and consistent operation.

Superior Structural Integrity

  • Single-piece design of the frame enhances usability during deployment and use
  • Stiff structure provides consistent compression depth, an important element for patient survival
  • Accommodates a broad range of adult patient sizes; weight is not a factor
  • Provides high quality CPR delivery during transport
  • Well-balanced and lightweight
  • Supports a transfer time from manual CPR of ≤ 10 seconds, per AHA recommendations

Maximum Patient Accessibility

  • Two sets of wide release levers, located on each side of the frame, provide multiple frame release options
  • Purposeful redundancy of release levers enables easy detachment of both sides of the frame, or one side at a time
  • Integrated patient lift handles
  • Allows for simultaneous defibrillation

Intuitive Interface

  • With real-time CPR protocol selection, you can toggle between the two protocols during the rescue
  • The compressions with breaths protocol has timed pauses programmed into the compression cycle to allow for rescue breaths
  • Compressions may be paused and resumed at any time

Easy to Maintain, Field Serviceable

  • A USB port on the module supports data recovery of event data for post event review
  • Software updates may be performed in the field making the Lifeline ARM adaptable to future resuscitation requirements
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance only needed every 18 month; overall lowest total cost of ownership among major brands

Highly Portable & Durable

The structural design of the frame, backboard, and the housing for the compression module contribute to its extreme durability, strength, and impact resistance. Designed to be reliable and rugged, the Lifeline ARM is protected against ingress and fluid spray, and it meets military standards for vibration. The lightweight Lifeline ARM comes with a red canvas carrying case designed for backpack portability. Inside is a structured case with a custom insert to perfectly fit the Lifeline ARM and its components, improving access and ease of repacking.

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